Children of Sumatra - Charity

Children of Sumatra is a small yet important charity directly affecting the outcome of disadvantaged children in the northern provinces of Sumatra in Indonesia.

The Children of Sumatra was set up with the aim of helping children suffering from cleft lip and palate living on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Many families there are too poor to pay for a simple operation that can transform their child’s future. In Australia, Europe and America we are almost unaware of this condition as it is corrected within the first year of a child’s life but in Indonesia this is not the case and the condition affects 1 in 300 children.

We got in contact with Katie only a few days ago and we were both keen to work together. Using our unique project to help create much needed awareness for this amazing charity was the easiest and simplest way we could offer support. This will include us filming and documenting our visit to the doctor’s surgery, orphanage and school where many of these children are based. We then lined up some days where we would volunteer our time and teach the children some English lessons, play some cricket and give them some company. We’re sure that the cameras and bicycles will give them a big smile. We are also in the process of setting up a donation page where anyone who supports of trip can support a child in need.

To date we have raised $485

To donate and help change a child’s life please visit