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Sixty 40 Magazine - 6 Page Spread

Sixty 40 Magazine - 6 Page Spread

on: September 9th, 2012


Thanks to South African Bodyboarding magazine for including us in issue 12. The 6 page spread includes a brief insight into our trip with photos and journ exerts. See page 21 - 25.

"We were like any other bodyboarders, we wanted to take our surfing to the next level and do an overseas surf trip. Indonesia was high on the list as a destination, not only for the quality and abundance of waves, but for the cultural experience as well.

After watching the TV series Long Way Round we both knew that these types of “get from A to B” trips would work perfectly for bodyboarding and capturing how we find the waves will be interesting and entertaining. Afterall the final destination isn’t important, it’s how you get there.

Rian and I first discussed riding motorbikes across Indonesia but what would the challenge of that be. We wanted a real challenge and riding our bicycles from the North Sumatran town of Banda Aceh through to Uluwatu on the island of Bali would be epic."

The Voyager Issue - In issue 12 we look at the some epic voyages, from Rian Cope and Dylan Brayshaw traversing the Indonesian archipelago on bicycles to Andre Botha's more personal journey at the fabled break of El Fronton in the Canaries.