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Part 1: Suburbia: Sydney to North Adelaide

Part 1: Suburbia: Sydney to North Adelaide

on: May 21st, 2013


My bike all set up with the new Extra Wheel trailer ready to cycle out of the airport.


Thursday 11th April 2013

Sydney to Adelaide to North Adelaide - 30km 

Finally the day of departure had arrived. Jen had taken the day off work to spend as much time with me as possible. Everything was packed. After sweet talking the check-in staff, I wasn't charged any excess luggage for my large bike box and home made box to carry the extra supplies I was carrying including the Extra Wheel trailer. Jen and I arrived early at the airport in case of any unforeseen delays and to spend some time before I left. We had a coffee and croissant as we looked out at the busy airport tarmac. Holding our emotions back, Jen shed a tear at the boarding gate when my flight was called to depart.

Once onboard my major concern was for the bike box below. With experience in transporting bikes on planes, I know first hand what can happen to a poorly packed box or poorly handled box from any airline crew. Once in Adelaide, the boxes were waiting for me and seemed fine. I dragged them outside and found a nice corner in the warm sun to assemble my bike. Everything was in perfect condition.

I needed supplies for the trip ahead and sourced fuel for my camp stove, food and water, and a local map. I navigated my way down the airport road and headed towards the city centre of Adelaide. I scoured the streets and ended up in suburbia for an hour taking endless back streets to discover the road I had planned on taking north was a major highway (not usually a problem), with no shoulder to ride. I once again cycled as far north as possible using back streets before finding a camp spot for the afternoon. I began to grow frustrated with this day and decided to stop for the night, rethink my route north and have some food. Its amazing what this did for my own morale. I felt 100 times better that evening and went to bed with a clear mind. It was a day of mixed emotions. I was sad and excited, yet slightly overwhelmed (as I usually am with all my cycle trips). I knew from experience it would take a few days to settle into the trip.  DSCF0261.jpg

Sydney Airport