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Winter Touring Cycling Gear

Winter Touring Cycling Gear

on: February 3rd, 2013

Written by Dylan

Some people want to know what gear we used on our 12 day bicycle tour of New Zealand's South Island. We ventured there in the middle of winter and experienced temperatures from -3 to +14.

We also had to think about water proofing everything, as the west coast of the South Island receives an average of 4 - 10 meters of rain annually.

Deciding what I would wear for a days riding in New Zealand would completely depend on the weather conditions. For a rainy day I would wear, full long thermals, a Marino wool long sleeve top and snowboard jacket for waterproofing.

For my legs I would wear long thermals then cycling shorts with padding over them and finally waterproof long pants.

Socks would generally be 1x pair of Marino wool socks, the Marino wool offers warmth even when they are wet. I would also cover my shoes with rain proof covers, but these offered little protection as the rain would eventually get in.

For a dry day I would simply have the same except without the waterproof pants and snowboard jacket. I would just have a cycling jacket over the 2 base layers.

My hands would be in water proof cycling gloves, although water would also infiltrate them after heavy 30min rain.

On my head I would wear two buffs, one as a beanie under the helmet and another around the neck. I would use the neck one to pull up over my nose if the wind was too cold.

That's basically it, throughout the day if we were climbing you will constantly take off clothing if your too warm whilst climbing or add a rain jacket for the brief showers.

Out of the 10 days riding in NZ we had only 2 days of rain, the rest was beautifully calm crisp winter days with low traffic.

Camping gear
Roman sleeping bag. (Rated to -5)
Sleeping Matt 165cm x 2.5cm
1 man tent
Waterproof tarp 2.5mx 2.8m
First aid kit

3x buff headwear, One for head, one for neck, and one to protect camera lens
X3 Marino wool socks
X2 thermal long sleeve tops
X2 thermal long trousers
Waterproof pants
Waterproof snowboard jacket
Cycle shorts
Pair of jeans
Cycle shoes
Casual shoes
Marino wool long sleeve top
1 pair of cycling gloves
1 pair of snowboarding gloves, (only used once)
1 pair boxer shorts

Camera gear
Manfrotto Tripod
Canon 60d camera
17-55mm lens 2.8f
50mm 1.8f
Canon Battery Charger
USB cable
Extension arm for gopro with manfrotto superclamp

As I was taking extra camera equipment and first aid kit, Rian took the gas stove and pots.