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Day 3 - Visiting the Children of Sumatra

Day 3 - Visiting the Children of Sumatra

on: June 22nd, 2009

P6220031.jpgAfter a quick dip in the ocean to cool off we met with Katie Pavett from Children of Sumatra. Katie has been living in Indonesia for about 14 years and decided to create this charity. You can check out the work she does along with a number of inspiring videos at http://farthingdown.brinkster.net/cos/index.htm  - Katie has offered to be our unofficial travel guide, language interpreter and Indonesian fixer! Much appreciated!

We headed for a small village which was directly affected by the Tsunami. We were introduced to a woman named Natasha he has been volunteering her time in aid of the rebuild of Banda Aceh, specifically teaching many of the primary school children from surrounding villages. We visited the school were the girls performed a number of traditional Acehnesse dances after which we took a tour of the brick factory each of the children works in the support themselves. Recently the charity used to run the school received some small funding and their major investment was a 15m blow up swimming pool which was extremely impressive. The children have since learnt to swim and use the pool as a reward. The day at the school so far had been very moving and a young boy had offered me his drawing which incorporated the tsunami, helicopters, a swimming pool and some very revealing words which in short basically describe what happened that day. I still have that picture in my diary.

After a very fulfilling and eye opening day, we headed back for our final night in the village and enjoyed a few beers and some pizza before hitting the sack.