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Day 4 - Banda Aceh to Lam No - Ready, Set, GO!

Day 4 - Banda Aceh to Lam No - Ready, Set, GO!

on: June 23rd, 2009


With Joel and Katie’s phone numbers in our pocket, we set off down the Indonesia coastline in search of waves, adventure and excitement. The next 3 months were going to have many mixed emotions and I couldn’t wait to see what Indonesia had to offer. A quick rice breakfast and a malaria tablet outside of town, Dylan and I were surprised at the quality of road. It was better than any Australian road I had ridden. We soon realised that it had just recently been rebuilt. We made our way down the coastline and looked on with amazement at the scenery. Just so beautiful. Bays of white sand, small wooden shacks selling cigarette’s and rice, children running out to see these strange contraptions we were riding – it was everything we expected.  

Mountain Number 1 soon came into view and we dominated it being so fresh legged. The downhill saw us enter the next bay which led onto Mountain Number 2. Half way up I couldn’t take the burn and ended up pushing. Once meeting Dylan at the top, we met a man on a motorbike named Arefat. Hi English was just about perfect and he offered us a floor to sleep on in his village about 30kms away. We would meet him later that day. The smooth black tarmac soon turned into an orange, rocky, off road path. As we settled into our paces we were met by a Canadian and American run charity group helping rebuild some local villages. They offered us a free lunch in return for some photos and some good conversation.

Pushing on we made it to Lam No, a coastal town with a mechanic and hairdresser. But first we had to tackle Mountain Number 3. Not only was this road long and steep, but it was dangerous as it weaved along the coastline with a steep cliff face. Dylan then decided to hit the biggest and sharpest rock on the road and slice his tire open. After a quick fix we made it into town where I was suddenly hit with extreme heat exhaustion. The average temperature between 10am and 3.30pm is about 35 degrees with about 90% humidity. We had consumed well over 20 liters of water between us that day and clearly it wasn’t enough. Arefat took us to the local river for a bath and cool down before I settled in for an early night nursing a headache and nausea. I passed out and slept like a log for 12 hours. What a day! I then received some supportive words from friends and family.