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Day 5 - Lam No to Lhokkruet - What have we got ourselves in to?

Day 5 - Lam No to Lhokkruet - What have we got ourselves in to?

on: June 24th, 2009


After waking and feeling refreshed we nipped into town to fix Dylan’s tyre before stocking up on local phone credit and making way to the raft crossing. Four 4wds squeezed on using planks of wood to balance their vehicals onto the 3 lashed wooden boats. The small engine on the side allowed the skilled driver to use the currents to maneuver the boat to the other side safely. We were heading for the town of Lhokkruet about 50kms away. The big difference today was there was no road. You had to make your own way on the dirt track. They are currently in the middle of constructing the new road after the Tsunami – it will be brilliant when complete. Trying to learn from yesterdays mistakes, we weren’t taking water, hats or sunscreen for granted. My hands got so burnt it hurt to open and close the grip to brake the bike.

We met a local NGO (Non Government Organisation) named Aguse. He was able to point us in the right direction and helped translate to acquire that nights accommodation. We ended up staying in a small Muslim populated fishing village with an awesome beach break. We slept on a filthy tiled floor behind the market place. After a great surf which seemed to help wash away the previous 48hrs we headed for bed in our mosquito ridden room. Now both Dylan and myself still agree that it was the worst night slept possible! The heat was tremendous, Dylan starting having a severe reaction to the Malaria medication including numbness in both hands and a very irritable rash on his neck and chest. It was a long, long night!