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Day 53 - Krui and a perfect A-Frame Wave

Day 53 - Krui and a perfect A-Frame Wave

on: August 11th, 2009


Welcome to Krui. Today sees Rian on the motorbike and myself on the bicycle. We head up the peninsular for about 1 km to find a wave called the Peak. It is a perfect A-frame wave, sort ride and hollow tube perfect for bodyboarding.

With Rian unable to surf he was the designated camera man. I headed out over many sea urchins, in perfect clear water. Unfortunately the waves wern't working with only 1ft of swell, very very small, but still a fun wave all to myself.

After that we set out around the point to find bigger and better waves. In the area are waves like Sumatran Pipe and Wayjambu, all epic waves. With me on the push bike going 20km/hr and Rian on the motorbike, going was slow, so Rian went ahead to find the wave. All he found was more and more road so we decided to head back for lunch.

Later that afternoon we chilled at the losmen and I did some snokelling.