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Day 7 - Oh No! Catching a Bus already!

Day 7 - Oh No! Catching a Bus already!

on: June 26th, 2009


We were up at the crack of dawn for a salted fish and cucumber breakfast when we bumped into some documentary filmers in town to film the post-tsunami rebuild. After a nice chat, one lady appeared from nowhere and commented on how she had seen our website and had been following our progress. Amazing!

Next thing we know were on the bus, bikes lashed to the roof and heading towards our destination to catch the ferry. However if Indonesia had taught us anything over the past few days of traveling, it was that things never go to plan. 

When we got to Meulaboh we were surrounded by yelling salesmen trying to porter us out off the packed marketplace and to the local hotel. As we managed to inform them of our plans to get to the ferry we soon found from a shop front man that the actually ferry was a further 4hr van drive.

An executive decision was made and the bikes, trailers and boards were once again up on the roof racks. 15 people crammed into an 8 seater isn’t the most comfortable riding position for 4 hrs, but we made it in one piece and after organizing a lift with a local man sharing the same van ride, we had our transport set for the following morning. We cycled to the nearest Losmon and managed to lock the bikes up.

A quick dinner and talk with the local scene saw us describing what it is we were doing and why. They looked at us as if we were crazy, and after seeing the map of the planned trip, laughed and moved along.