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Sendiri - 5 Weeks of Solo Travel

Sendiri - 5 Weeks of Solo Travel

on: August 18th, 2013


My next surf trip/adventure has been decided, 5 weeks in Indonesia. I plan to continue from where Rian and I finished in our amazing trip in 2009 from Banda Aceh to Bali and travel east. We finished on the Bukit peninsular in Bali and that is where I plan to start this adventure. I will be travelling by bicycle and solo. Starting at the surfbreak of Bingin and then heading to Nusa Lembongan, onto the island of Lombok and ending the trip on the island of Sumbawa. With my bodyboard in tow of course.

So much was learnt from our first trip, how to travel with boards and bicycles, how to make an interesting and watchable documentary and of course trying to find the right balance of surfing and cycling. That'll be the main difference from the previous 3.5 month trip to this trip. With distances smaller than the previous trip, I will stay in places long enough to truly experience them and translate that to film. By having a rough outline of where I'm going, nothing set in stone, I can make decisions depending on swell.

With Rian heading over to europe at this time, I will be travelling solo. This will present its own set of challenges including making decisions on my own. When you travel with someone you can always weigh up the pros and cons together and then make a decision.

I will be talking cameras along for this trip, the outcome will be a 40 - 60min documentary about travelling by yourself, it will try answer the question "Why the heck am I doing this?". It will be called Sendiri, which is Indonesian for alone or by yourslef. I will capture the amazing landscapes, the hard times cycling in such a hot and humid climate, the interesting people you meet while traveling and the raw power of the waves. I'll be using 2 cameras, a DSLR and a Gopro 3. Various mounts will allow me to film myself in the water surfing, including a rear pole camera for amazing barrel footage. On the road footage might be more challenging, setting up a tripod and camera, cycling back and through the frame, this will be time consuming but hopefully will show people they joys of bicycle touring.

You can follow the trip on this website, I will write some journal entries but real time updates will be on my instagram @dylan_brayshaw or on our eatsleepsurf facebook page.




Nusa Lembogan


The Gili Islands, Lombok


Rear pole mount on bodyboard. 



Board mounted Camera


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Hope you have a good trip..
Posted by Cyn on
Hope you have an awesome & Safe trip Dylan!