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Day 7 -Fox Glacier to Haast

Day 7 -Fox Glacier to Haast

on: February 28th, 2013

We packed up and left early in the dark with our headlamps on. After our rest day my legs felt great. It was relatively flat with some nice rolling hills. We made the Salmon Farm Cafe by 11:30am and had cycled half of our journey for the day. The still, fishing lake came shortly after where we had originally planned on spending the night, however with the distance we had covered we made a decision to continue on and save ourselves an extra day of riding. The kilometers started to take their toll on my legs, but I was still feeling strong. Dylan started to fall behind and once we reached Knights Point, soon followed 3 huge climbs.

We rolled into Haast at about 5:30pm. I was so proud of myself and what I had completed today. A monster distance on a fully loaded touring bicycle and a 3 peak range to end the day off. I was now mentally preparing myself for the epic day tomorrow was going to bring. 95kms of incredibly steep and remote mountains. I feel nervous and scared, but this is soon overcome with excitement about the unknown challenge tomorrow will bring.


Rians bike at the Haast river.


The Haast river


Dylan crossing the Haast River Bridge, one of the longest on the South Island.



Rian heading for the hills, just before our 3 really big climbs near the coast.


Dylan at the back up campsite, we were making good time so we could push to Haast.