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Headwind - Port Wakefield to Crystal Brook

Headwind - Port Wakefield to Crystal Brook

on: April 22nd, 2013

I made the real effort to make some distance nice and early to avoid the midday heat. Up at 4am and cycling out of the campsite by 5:30am I knew I could streamline this packing up process. It was pitch black and I had all of my lights on including my head torch. I couldn't see any stars which implied to me it was cloudy. This could be a welcome change compared to the day before. I had another rotten night sleeping with a busted sleeping mat, I was essentially sleeping on the ground. As I left Port Wakefield I stopped into a truckies stop to have a mandatory coffee and resupply.

As I turned right onto the Port Augusta Highway I pointed myself into an almighty headwind. This strong wind lasted all day and did not let up. It was nothing but draining. 6 hours on the road and I had only cycled 60kms. Not happy! I found a backyard shop off the road which was open and had a BBQ going with sausage sandwiches. An Army convoy which had passed me earlier had also stopped to enjoy the BBQ. We briefly chatted and a few of the soldiers commented on the headwinds I was cycling into. I pushed on and headed for Snowtown. Out of nowhere  heard a car beeping their horn to see it was a friend from work. We met an hour later in Snowtown and enjoyed a meat pie and catch up. He was traveling with his partner and new born daughter. It was nice to talk to someone. After a decent break I hit the road again with the intense wind in my face.

I made a plan to stop every 5km and stretch and eat and drink. When I came across a petrol station or convenience store I would stop for longer. My mind was now set on getting to Red Hill, a small town with food and a bed about 20kms before Crystal Brook. I was so tired and hungry now I started loosing motivation. I ate a warm meal and spoke with the counter staff about Crystal Brook and the distance and road ahead. They directed me to a back road which would be more scenic and miss the constant flow of highway traffic and semi trailers. They drew me a mud map and I set off for  my final leg of the day. With beautiful scenery I filmed and took photos on the deserted road.

12.5 hours and 98kms later, I had pedaled into Crystal Brook, a very small town with a caravan park and a pub. I was exhausted and hungry. After setting up my tent, a quick bite later and a nice shower I was in bed early again with plans for an early start.