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North Adelaide to Port Wakefield

North Adelaide to Port Wakefield

on: May 21st, 2013


I was up at the crack of dawn and packed and ready to go. Straight onto the road I felt great and optimistic  about the day ahead. I was a little unsure of where I would be stopping for the day later that night. I knew Port Wakefield was a good distance but was open to going a far as possible. The road was long and flat and not much traffic past me. By 10:30am I had cycled 40kms.

I had remembered and learned from previous trips what my body needs to cycle long distances and made sure I ate and drank enough to keep my energy levels up. By 11:30am it didn't count for anything. The midday sun was intense with a dry heat reaching 33 degrees Celsius. So dry I wouldn't sweat. I soon started overheating and the final 35kms was tough. There was no shade until I came across a lone tree. I knew Port Wakefield would be my final destination for the night. I started doubting myself and the trip as I struggled with the heat. Mentally it was tough and something I always need to overcome - my first reaction being to give up. I found a camp spot and immediately stood fully clothed in a cold public shower and rehydrated every part my my body.

After I cooled down and fed my hunger my outlook changed to that of a positive and excited person. Its so bizarre to see these mood changes and how I can control them. My new plan of attack - leave really early in the morning and avoid cycling in the midday sun.