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Rian and Dylan are back! This time with Season 2 of their worldwide success,

On this new adventure, we join the guys as they travel to the island of Taiwan.
A relatively unknown surf destination, but soon to be found tropical island full of potential.

Follow along as they arrive in Taipei where they meet up with the Taipei Fixie Crew, a cycle culture fast growing
in the streets of Taipei. With the support of Anje from Let’s View The World online television show,
the guys are prepared for all the highs and lows that come their way.

Traversing the east coast of Taiwan's mainland, the search for waves continues with an unexpected journey ahead.
Rich in history and culture, they soon discover an island with many unexpected surprises.
The stunning backdrop of the Qingshui Cliffs, the Taroko Gorge, and Wuling Pass (3275m) help set the scene
for an incredible country to travel by bicycle.

Battling Category 5 Typhoons, and climbing to the highest road in East Asia with their surfboards,
Rian and Dylan always manage to entertain as they find hidden waves in surprising locations
throughout their journey.


Rian and Dylan taiwan surfing



Rian heading for the promised land, we camped here for 3 nights. All we did was eat, sleep and surf.


Rian getting ready to hit our first decent surf in 2 weeks.



Epic scenery with a perfect wave near the cliffs during typhoon vongfong.


Setting up camp on the beach under an abandon shack. It offered some protection from the rain.


Mountain camp at 1200m, half way up to Wuling Pass (3275m) 2 days of amazing climbing.



Taiwanese surfer bottom turning at the rivermount wave.


Nearing the top at Wuling Pass



 After a full day of climbing we went down to the ocean and saw this. Typhoon swell hiting this rivermouth bank.


Rians bike set up with bodyboard on the side.


Dylans bike setup with a 6 foot quad fish on the side.



One of the best camping locations we had on the trip, the point break is just behind the grass in the background.


Another rivermouth wave we camped at for 3 days, just eating, sleeping and surfing.


As well as our camping, clothes and food that we carry, we also have to pack our camera gear as well. Here is Dylan cleaning is camera late afternoon.