Fiji Part 2 - Reef rash and cyrstal clear water

— Jun 10, 2013

The rest of the week was relaxing, we had the routine of heading to cloudbreak in the morning, if it wasn’t big enough we would go to the outer reefs to find waves. The water on these outer reefs was extremely clean, the cleanest I have ever seen.

Fiji - Part 1

— Apr 27, 2013

Dylan and friends venture to fiji for 1 week. This video was filmed with the gopro at 100fps and as a mouth camera. Song is by Amos.

New Zealand - Episode 2. Fox Glacier to Queenstown

— Jan 24, 2013

This episode sees Rian and Dylan cycle from Fox Glacier to Queenstown. They do a helitour of Fox glacier, vist the mirror lake, (Lake Matherson) and climb over the Haast Pass, 550m Elevation and then cycle the...

New Zealand - Episode 1. Arthurs Pass to Fox Glacier

— Jan 21, 2013

Rian and Dylan hang up there bodyboards for this cycling trip to New Zealands South Island. Wanting to experience epic mountain scenery and frosty conditions the guys decide to go in the middle of winter, July 2012.

Surfvember 2012

— Nov 30, 2012

During the month of November 2012 I surfed everyday at least once, sometimes twice. I took about a 10second clip everyday before my surf and complied a video.

Mt Bromo, East Java Indonesia

— Sep 7, 2012

Rian and Dylan cycle into the enormous Mt Bromo National Park. Day 100 of there epic cycling and surfing trip across Indonesia.

Secret Spot - West Java

— Sep 7, 2012

We stumbled across this place after some locals saw our boards and said " Yaaa, surfing this way" and we followed there instructions over the cable bridge and found a reef point break.

Finding Lagundri Bay, Nias

— Sep 7, 2012

This video shows 2 days of travel from the Sumatran port of Sibolga to Nias Island.

Gopro Mounted Board Camera

— Feb 29, 2012

Using a special pole mounted to the back of the bodyboard, I was able to attached the Gopro camera to get some great footage of the barrel.

Trailer for - Indonesia

— Sep 8, 2010

The trailer to our 4 part surf travel documentary released in 2010.