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Fiji Part 2 - Reef rash and cyrstal clear water

Fiji Part 2 - Reef rash and cyrstal clear water

on: June 10th, 2013

The rest of the week was relaxing, we had the routine of heading to cloudbreak in the morning, if it wasn’t big enough we would go to the outer reefs to find waves. The water on these outer reefs was extremely clean, the cleanest I have ever seen.

We were companied by an friendly French couple, they had one week at our resort and then another week an the luxurious tavarua island resort. We all surfed together and shared some fun waves, right up until 1 or 2 pm.

The resort also has a privately run dive shop, an English couple run and manage the successful operation. The operators were telling us that last year they went diving during the massive June 2012 swell, while  down 20meters near the reef they would be washed back and forth 10 meters every time a swell comes through.

Overall Fiji is an awesome getaway, we always found a wave even when there was no swell, had perfect sunsets every & met very friendly locals.