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Surfvember 2012

Surfvember 2012

on: November 30th, 2012

The idea to surf everyday for the month of November came from the hugely popular charity campaign Movember. At his stage its not for any cause, only to get myself into the ocean more often. I surfed once everyday, sometimes twice for an entire month. No matter the conditions, wheather its too cold, too hot, windy or rainy simply get in the water have some fun.

Now I live on the East coast of Australia and the month of November is the worst time to surf as conditions generally bring little to no swell. This was challenging some days but as I forced myself to surf everyday, I found that my initial expections and mood was always different once I had finished each surf.

I edited each day to about 3 seconds, now this idea was from Cesars video where he filmed everyday for 1 year and then compliled a video of 1 second segments.