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5 Remote Waves that I wasn't expecting to find

— Jan 6, 2015

We had just come down from 3 days in the mountains of Taiwan and hit the nearest beach and it's dead flat, like walk out and not even get your knees wet flat. We laughed it off and spend the day riding down the coast and then camping on the beach. The surf is still a weak 1ft and we keep on cycling the next day. Its overcast and a little breezy, the road winds into the mountains as they fall directly into the ocean, we go through a few tunnels and then a few 200m climbs.

Leaving Taipei and huge typhoon Vongfong surf

— Jan 1, 2015

We woke with anticipation of the first day of riding. Its always an exciting day, we have travelled so far with our boards and bikes and now we get to put them to good use. We had assembled the bikes in our hotel room about level 8 and then wheeled the bikes vertically into the elevator and onto the street.

Temples & Fixies (Rian)

— Dec 15, 2014

The day had finally arrived, our departure for another incredible adventure overseas. I have found that over the years and numerous long-distance rides, my preparation process has become more streamlined. I know my equipment and what works and doesn’t. I check the weather forecast to pack appropriate clothing and see which sleeping bag is necessary. Having not ridden with Dylan for almost 2 years, this new adventure to Taiwan would be a great opportunity to get back into a riding pattern with a good mate.

Taiwan here we come!

— Aug 14, 2014

Taiwan here we come! Our next destination for the Eat.Sleep.Surf series has been confirmed, Taiwan! With the backing of the Nautical Channel we will be surfing, cycling and filming on the beautiful tropical island of Taiwan. Located 180km off the southeastern coast of mainland China, we will produce 2x 45min episodes that will highlight the beauty of seeing a country by bicycle.

Week 5 - Chased by monkeys on Sumbawa and the october mega swell.

— Oct 25, 2013

The bay at scar reef is one of the most beautiful I have seen, you can easily compare it to some places in the Mentawai, clean water, huge reef pass and breath taking headlands on each side. I book into the Jelenga bungalows for 3 nights, $15 per night, I have just missed the massive swell the day before as I was at yoyos.

Week 4 - The return of the “HELLO MISTER, WHERE YOU GOING!”

— Oct 4, 2013

After 3 nights at desert point I reluctantly hit the road at 6:30am, needing to leave early to beat the midday heat. I packed the bike while a few of the professional surfers slept on the deck of the bungalows. Out the small village of Bangko Bangko and up the hill, its fairly quiet and about 26 degrees, the perfect temperature for riding.

Week 3 - Dusty barrels from a classic wave

— Sep 24, 2013

I jump on the public ferry from Gili T to Bangsal the closest port on the main land, it’s a 1hr boat ride in some turbulent waters from strong currents and high wind, even at 7.30am in the morning. It a mission to get the bike and gear on to a very full ferry, but some kind passangers helped me in the narrow boat and but the bike between there knees.

Week 2 - Keramas and Nusa Lembogan, starting to get itchy riding feet.

— Sep 18, 2013

Arriving at Kermas beach I found the homestay I had searched on the Nirwala Homestay. The homestay is set amongst beautiful rice paddies and has a few bungalows with small fish ponds. They are still building a few more rooms while I was there.

Week 1 - Bingin and only 1 day of cycling.

— Sep 11, 2013

Landing late at night at the Denpasar airport which is actually closer to Kuta, sees me greeted by Arie, a local transport driver who friended us last time traveling to Bali. He is all smiles as he askes what’s in the large oversize box. I told him what I plan to do which surprises him.

Fiji - Part 1

— Apr 27, 2013

Dylan and friends venture to fiji for 1 week. This video was filmed with the gopro at 100fps and as a mouth camera. Song is by Amos.

Winter Touring Cycling Gear

— Feb 3, 2013

A list of Dylan's equipment he took to New Zealand's South Island.They ventured there in the middle of winter and experienced temperatures from -3 to +14.

New Zealand - Episode 2. Fox Glacier to Queenstown

— Jan 24, 2013

This episode sees Rian and Dylan cycle from Fox Glacier to Queenstown. They do a helitour of Fox glacier, vist the mirror lake, (Lake Matherson) and climb over the Haast Pass, 550m Elevation and then cycle the...

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