Day 1 – Flying to Kuala Lumpur D-Day

Day 1 – Flying to Kuala Lumpur D-Day

on: June 21st, 2009



We spent the night on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and woke at about 5am to get our things ready for the 8 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I met Dylan at the Coolangatta International Airport where we lined up in the Air Asia check in desks. After a small run own of our big adventure to the staff, they very kindly ignored our 100kg overweight limit with the x4 bike boxes and scanned them through! Fantastic, that was a couple of hundred dollars we weren’t looking forward to spending. We said our goodbyes to our families and walked through the security checkpoint. This was it our 18 month dream to get to Indonesia had finally began.

Once on board all we could discuss was the upcoming trip and what we thought it would be like – nothing could prepare us for what was about to happen in the upcoming days.

We landed in Kuala Lumpur at around 3.30pm and made it through customs with no dramas. I managed to track down a transport women who was able to organise for a van to pick us up with our bike boxes and take us to our overnight accommodation at the Concorde KLIA about 20 mins from the airport. We soon checked in and began the filming process. A quick swim in the pool , beer and last bit of luxury was all absorbed before we were to head off to Banda Aceh the next day. I rang our contact in Banda, Katie Pavett, and checked to see if all was good to go! No Dramas!