Taiwan here we come!


Our next destination for the Eat.Sleep.Surf series has been confirmed, Taiwan! With the backing of the Nautical Channel we will be surfing, cycling and filming on the beautiful tropical island of Taiwan. Located 180km off the southeastern coast of mainland China, we will produce 2x 45min episodes that will highlight the beauty of seeing a country by bicycle.

Starting in Taipei, the capital, we will cycle the entire length of the relatively small island from north to south following the eastern coastline, totalling around 642 km. We will experience the awesome Qingshui cliffs, the modern city of Taipei and continue our worldly search for untouched waves. We have dusted off the tent and cooker all in the name of adventure and bringing that raw and untold story to you!

Taiwan’s cultural will be an important aspect of the trip, and already we have several key people throughout the island ready to help show and highlight Taiwan’s surprising and fascinating beauty including the Taipei Fixie Crew.

The entire island experiences hot, humid weather from June through September, which of course means Typhoons! We will be filming for the entire month of October towards the end of the Typhoon season which could see days of riding in strong winds and rain, and ultimately, epic waves.